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New construction and renovation projects can cause a lot of headaches for residents and building owners along with their neighbors. Ongoing project noise, debris, dust and construction equipment may diminish the quality of life during the construction phase.

While the goal of your construction company may differ from that of your neighbor or yourself, it is important to work with a general contractor that can take all of these factors into consideration for the best result possible.

Keeping Timelines Intact

One of the key things a general contractor can do to keep the project inline is to meet project deadlines. Often residents and neighbors are more understanding when the disruption is temporary. They also understand that delays can happen, which is why the next item is extremely important.


Should there be delays in construction, or if a resident or neighbor has a question, the lines of communication must be clear. Having a single point of responsibility for a project is key. This person should be able to answer all questions related to the new construction or renovation project. The construction company’s name, phone number and possibly even their website should be prominently displayed at the job site. Response times should be reasonable.

Noise and Debris

A general contractor is responsible for working within the hours set by local ordinances and keeping noise to a minimum. Construction debris should be dealt with in a expeditious manner so that it does not impede upon the space or enjoyment of surrounding neighbors, or cause havoc to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

A general contractor that homeowners can trust starts with being a builder that understands not only how to construct a new home or make home renovations, but also one that keeps in mind the entire process, including the concerns of homeowners and neighbors.

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