Retail Construction Services

AFS General Contractors is a name that requires no introduction in the Orlando retail construction services industry. The Orlando retail construction services provided by AFS General Contracting (AFS GC) stand out from other retail general contractors.  

We understand that a refresh, remodel or new retail space is considered one of the most effective ways to increase sales and boost your bottom line. While it often requires a large investment on your part, the returns could be substantial in the long run, if the project is planned and properly executed.

Why Choose AFS GC as Your Retail Construction Company in Orlando

AFS GC is a retail construction company with the capabilities to handle all retail construction services including: large big box developments to small rollout projects within the retail environment and more. 

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Our experienced project managers, site superintendents, and construction crews are available to complete your most challenging remodels, new prototypes, new store expansions, or retail store relocations. We strive tostand out from other retail construction services companies by providing excellent workmanship and top client satisfaction.

AFS General Contracting is the leading Orlando retail construction company and for good reasons. The company has focused on high ethical standards, which are critical to the creation of a great retail construction company.  The entire staff believes in doing the right thing, and not just when someone is watching! It’s incorporated into the company’s core values, which includes honesty, respect, integrity, and responsibility.

Over the years, AFS General Contracting has developed a keen know-how as to what actions are necessary to complete a successful retail construction services project. With that being said, the reality of the retail construction services industry is that each project contains its own unique needs. For this reason, AFS GC provides an array of services to complete each unique task at hand.

Budget Conscious Retail General Contractor

Stay on budget with Orlando retail general contractor, AFS General Contracting. 

No matter the size of the project at hand, all of our project manager’s are experienced in working for a retail general contractor to foresee problems that may arise in the future and adjust in the ways necessary to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.

AFS General Contracting has an exceptional track record of being a retail general contractor that is know for finishing construction on time & on budget, exhibiting exceptional communication skills, and following store plans to the smallest detail to make sure the store is built correctly the first time. Clients choose AFS GC as their Orlando retail construction company because we recognize the reality of change orders and make sure each one is properly screened to verify its authenticity before confirming the pricing with our clients.

Proactive Decisions to Excel in Retail Construction Services

The retail construction services industry is an ever-changing environment making it necessary to adapt to current trends and technological advancements. Due to this reality, AFS General Contracting has developed an ability to adjust any and all of the retail construction services provided including, but not limited to: project schedules, business operations, materials utilized, etc. As the premier retail general contractor in Orlando, we ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations.

Minimize Downtime with the Right Retail General Contractor

If your existing retail space needs a facelift, AFS General Contracting is the right retail general contractor – especially if you want to stay open during the renovation. Your project manager can assist you with the overall coordination of your retail establishments’ construction schedule so that you can stay open, during the retail office renovation. We understand that your local medical office probably needs to stay open during renovations. Have no fear, we are geared to work with you to minimize your retail stores downtime and enable your business to stay open during renovations.

AFS General Contracting is the Only Retail Construction Company You Need

As part of our retail construction company services, we offer pre-construction, construction and post-construction services, which include:

  • Pre-Construction Retail Services

During the pre-construction timeframe, AFS General Contacting works with you to minimize costs, develop a timeline, conduct site visits and advise of upcoming building inspections.

  • During Construction Retail Services

AFS General Contracting will coordinate and negotiate with vendors, finalize schedules, review design criteria, review drawings with field team, coordinate construction, work with subcontractors, conduct site visits and manage the budget.

  • Post-Construction Retail Services

After your retail construction service are complete, AFS General Contracting will conduct a walk through and establish punch lists, obtain final inspections along with a certificate of occupancy, summarize the project costs and finalize change orders. 

Get Started With the Leading Orlando Retail General Construction Company Now

If you’re in the planning stage of renovating a retail space, or building a new retail space – give us a call. We’ll sit down with you to answer any questions, review your needs for a retail construction company and give you a quote on your project. Get started now, give us a call today!

Have a question? We’re here to help, Please contact us today for a FREE quote.