The medical marijuana market has been rapidly expanding in the state since Florida voters legalized medical marijuana in 2016 and the state Legislature recently approved a regulatory framework for the industry. AFS General Contracting has been selected and has completed the construction of numerous medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida.

Build a Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Once you have found a compliant piece of property, one that is more than 1000 feet from a church, 1000 feet from a school, 1000 feet from a residential zone, and 1000 feet from another compliant property, AFS General Contracting can build your new marijuana dispensary to fit your needs.

After identifying target customers, building a compliant, medical cannabis dispensary at a location that is not only convenient for potential customers, but also compliant with local regulations involves a significant amount of project management and planning on our part. But, that’s what we’re here for!

Let Us Worry About the Construction Details
Our objective is to help you minimize stress in the design-build process of constructing your medical marijuana dispensary leaving you free to focus on other details of your emerging business. We look forward to the day when we turn over your completed cannabis dispensary to you and your first customer walks through the doors.

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