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You’ve got land, but what you really need is a new building constructed, a parking lot, interior offices built – the whole ball of wax. That’s where AFS General Contracting comes in. But that’s not all we do. As trusted Orlando commercial building renovation contractors, AFS General Contracting has a long track record of transforming structures and giving them a new lease on life. We’re not just commercial construction contractors, but we also specialize in the sensitive work of restoring and renovating commercial spaces. We even have experience building greenhouses, medical marijuana dispensaries, and other specialty construction.

AFS General Contracting is a state-certified general contractor with complete design-build capabilities. We give our clients a one-stop shop for everything. From architectural drawings all along through the project until the final walk-through of your new building is completed.

Leading Commercial Construction Company In Orlando, Florida

As a leading Florida general contractor, AFS GC makes sure all construction is completed on time and within the allotted budget while meeting all municipal and state codes. Not only this, but we are capable of working through or around the extremes of Florida weather patterns, including hurricanes and scorching temperatures. Moreover, we often work in occupied buildings after regular business hours. It’s all in a day’s work for us and all done to meet the needs of our customers.

Being one of Florida’s premier construction contractors, AFS GC is more than up to the challenges, as our many satisfied clients signify. Our commercial new construction expertise can help you with your project whether you’re looking to build a church, coffee house, pizza store, grocery or drug store, restaurant, big box store, manufacturing plant, school, auto dealership, or shopping center.  Our Orlando-based operations have cemented us as reliable commercial construction contractors in Orlando, a trust we seek to uphold with every project.

Rest assured, whether you require our services for new construction or seek to transform existing structures with the help of commercial renovation contractors, AFS GC has the resources and expertise to meet and exceed your expectations. So if you need the assistance of commercial renovation contractors in Orlando or want to embark on a new construction journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at AFS GC. We are more than equipped to handle any project.

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What services do commercial building renovation contractors in Orlando typically provide?

As Orlando-based contractors, we provide a range of services, including structural transformation, interior renovations, and overall building refurbishments.

What are the primary functions of commercial construction contractors in Orlando?

Our primary functions involve designing and constructing commercial buildings, creating parking lots, and developing interior office spaces. We also specialize in unique constructions like greenhouses and medical dispensaries.

How do Orlando commercial building renovation contractors cater to varied industries?

We cater to varied industries through our extensive experience and design-build capabilities, enabling us to handle a diverse array of commercial construction and renovation needs.

How do Orlando commercial construction contractors manage Florida’s weather challenges?

We have developed efficient methods to navigate Florida’s weather challenges. We can work through or around extreme weather conditions, ensuring timely project completion.

What approach do Orlando commercial renovation contractors take when working in occupied buildings?

In occupied buildings, we often work after regular business hours to minimize disruption to daily activities, reflecting our commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction.

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