Orlando home remodeling, renovation, and restoration with AFS General Contracting.

The projects we work on involve one or more of the following: regular Orlando home remodeling and home renovation, design and construction of an additional space, energy efficiency and green building services. The projects we do range in size and complexity from simple bathroom remodels, to additions, to whole residential renovations.

We also have the expertise to take on technically difficult and complex projects such as dealing with unique structural issues or projects requiring work that is phased over time. Please see below for the types of projects we typically work on. If you would like to discuss your Orlando home remodeling, restoration or home addition project please contact us today and ask about getting a free estimate.

Design-Build Additions

AFS General Contracting can design and build for you large and small additions such as family room additions, sunrooms, two-story house additions, kitchen additions and “bump outs”, and any other type of single or multi-story home additions. As a full-service design-build general contractor, AFS GC can handle every step of your project and integrate your new addition into both the interior flow and exterior design of your home. No matter the size of your project, our team can manage your home remodel or addition. Soon you’ll see your project finished and exactly how you dreamt it would be.

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What are some popular trends in Orlando home renovations?

Open floor plans, energy-efficient upgrades, and outdoor living spaces are currently popular. AFS stays updated on all the latest trends to meet client demands.

What factors can impact the cost of home renovations?

The scale of the project, material costs, and labor rates affect costs. AFS provides transparent and competitive pricing to help you budget effectively.

How can one budget effectively for an Orlando home remodeling project?

Start with a detailed quote, like the free one AFS offers, and always allocate funds for unexpected expenses.

What are the key factors to consider before starting a home remodeling project in Orlando?

Before starting a remodeling project, consider your budget, timeline, the purpose of the remodel, and any specific design preferences. We advise on these aspects for our clients to ensure project success.

How long does a typical home remodeling take?

The duration of a remodeling project can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on complexity and scale. At AFS GC, we prioritize efficient project management to meet deadlines

Types of Home Renovations & Additions in Orlando

Whole Home

Home Additions

Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom Remodels

Home Theaters


Laundry Rooms

Wall Units