Medical Office Renovation

Orlando Medical Office Building Construction

Orlando medical office building construction is synonymous with AFS General Contracting. As Orlando medical office construction experts, we have real world knowledge and hands on experience. Whether you are looking for a contractor for exterior medical office building construction from the ground up or perhaps you would prefer to have us focus on new interior medical office construction. Whether you choose to have your medical office construction built as a new entity or simply have interior medical office renovation, AFS General Contracting is the only company you’ll need.

Medical office construction encompasses much more than just building the interior and exterior of your place of business. Medical office construction does include the building of a new facility; however, you may already have a building that fits your needs, almost. AFS General Contracting can handle both medical office construction and Orlando medical building renovations – inside and out. 

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Why Choose Us for Your Orlando Medical Building Renovations

With a long history in medical building renovations, AFS General Contracting are the local experts. How does that help you? Our real world commercial business experience and proficiency in building construction means, this isn’t our first rodeo. We know the area, we have the experience, the skills, the team and the ability to make your new medical building construction project run smoothly and be built on time and within budget.

At AFS General Contracting, our quality and attention to detail has been appreciated by some of the largest medical office owners in the area. We look forward to the opportunity to deliver that same service, dedication and pride to your company’s next project. 

Control Orlando Medical Building Construction Costs

AFS General Contracting can help you keep costs from spiraling out of control. Here’s how:

  1. Design Efficiency – Taking advantage of shared spaces, such as waiting rooms and exam rooms through the creation of a better design helps reduce unnecessary space.  We make sure to maximize your space.
  2. Alternative Building Materials – Materials like marble and granite are expensive. AFS General Contracting can suggest alternative construction materials and design elements that can make your medical office look attractive without spending large sums of money.
  3. Standard Design Prototypes – Having been involved with Orlando medical office building construction over the years, our team knows how to utilize standard design prototypes to, wherever possible, utilize these building frameworks. In most cases, there’s no reason to redesign the wheel. 
  4. Staying on Time and Within Budget – At AFS General Contracting, we keep a close eye on timelines and costs. Our project managers provide the day-to-day management of the construction project so that we can deliver what we promised on time and within budget.

Changing Times Lead to Orlando Medical Offices Renovations

Regulatory pressures, economic constraints, and emerging technologies are transforming the needs of medical offices. Renovations are often necessary so that a facility can be more flexible; combine multiple medical services into one building by creating a one-stop shop of medical care.

Additionally, medical office renovations enable you to convert otherwise a useless space, once built for a restaurant, or retail shop, into a neighborhood clinic facility, a laboratory service or a radiology center.  Instead of driving across town to an already overcrowded hospital, independent buildings provide more convenient and efficient care to patients. 

Stay Open During Your Orlando Medical Office Renovations

If your existing building is in need of medical office renovations, AFS General Contracting’s medical office renovations team is the ideal set of professionals for you. The overall planning, coordination of your medical office renovation can be structured so that you can stay open, during the medical office renovation. We understand that your local medical office probably needs to stay open during renovations. We work with you to minimize the downtime for your project and find ways for your business to stay open during renovations.

Orlando Medical Building Construction

In the realm of medical building construction, AFS General Contracting stands as a beacon of professionalism and expertise. Our approach is comprehensive, handling every aspect from initial design to the final touches of construction. We ensure each project aligns with the unique demands of healthcare facilities, focusing on creating spaces that are not just visually appealing, but also functional and compliant with all healthcare regulations. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-tier medical office buildings that embody efficiency, sustainability, and patient comfort, all while adhering to the agreed-upon timelines and budgets. With AFS General Contracting, you can expect a seamless construction experience that sets a new standard in healthcare facility development.

Ready to Start Your Orlando Medical Building Renovations?

How’s the outside of your medical office looking? If you can’t say, ‘it looks great,’ maybe it’s time for some exterior building renovation construction. This big term simple mean AFS General Contracting will work with you on a plan to make your medical office renovations dream come true. With medical office building renovations, we understand that the exterior of your building is the first impression your patients and other visitors have of your business.  If you’ve been hesitating to begin any medical office building renovations, whether it’s for the exterior or medical office interior renovations – give us a call. We’ll sit down with you to evaluate your needs, answer all your questions and give you a quote on your project that we stand behind. Why wait any longer? Give us a call today!

Have a question? We’re here to help, Please contact us today for a FREE quote.


How does the process of medical building renovations in Orlando differ from renovating other types of buildings?

Renovating medical buildings often involves compliance with stringent health and safety regulations, ensuring minimal disruption to medical services, and may require specialized equipment and installations. At AFS General Contracting, we ensure all renovations meet the specific needs and regulatory standards related to healthcare facilities.

How long typically does it take to complete Orlando medical office building construction and renovations?

The timeline can vary widely depending on the project’s scope and complexity. A smaller renovation may take a few weeks, while more extensive construction projects may span several months or more. AFS General Contracting prides itself on effective time management and maintaining clear communication on project timelines.

How do medical building renovations impact the day-to-day operations of medical practices housed in those buildings?

We strive to minimize disruptions by working closely with medical staff to create a phased construction schedule, enabling medical services to continue as seamlessly as possible. Noise and dust containment measures are implemented to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and staff.

What are the typical challenges encountered during Orlando medical building renovations, and how are they addressed?

Challenges can include maintaining operational continuity, managing infection control, and navigating the stringent regulatory landscape. AFS addresses these by meticulously planning, implementing strict safety protocols, and maintaining open lines of communication with all stakeholders to promptly resolve any issues that arise.