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Gardeners have been growing their own food across the country for years in their own backyards. Plant and flower enthusiasts have created butterfly gardens and beautifully landscaped yards in front of their homes. Now, having a greenhouse is an up and coming trend that not only hobbyist gardeners are pursuing, but also those looking to be more sustainable in their living and in their food supply.

Whether you’re looking to grow beautify flowers year round or supplement your food supply with homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables, a greenhouse is an ideal solution. Now a general contractor can erect either a prefabricated greenhouse or a stick built one to meet your specifications. Additionally, homeowners aren’t the only ones that can take advantage of having a greenhouse. Commercial establishments such as food co-ops and medical marijuana dispensaries are also in need of greenhouses.

Once the greenhouse has been designed and drawings are in place, a general contractor can calculate the costs, secure the permits, and prep the site location. From there, it will just be a matter of time before your greenhouse structure is complete and ready for the first crops to begin their lifecycle.

Additional Benefits of a Greenhouse

There are many different reasons to have a greenhouse, and the benefits are numerous as well:

A greenhouse gives you space to start seedlings.
A greenhouse extends the growing season.
A greenhouse enables you to grow your own food or commercial crops.
A greenhouse can provide free heat for colder days. A greenhouse will warm itself to approximately eight degrees or more. Once the space is warm, a door or window that leads into the house can be opened providing warm air, essentially heating the house with passive power from the sun.
To learn more about the costs associated with constructing a greenhouse or to have your project quoted, contact Orlando’s leading general contractor.

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