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The best way to avoid a renovation nightmare is to hire a good general contractor.

Renovation projects can be fraught with potential problems and financial disasters due to the shear number of moving parts and pieces. The best way to avoid these potential disasters is by selecting your project lead carefully.

Finding a GC

When looking to hire a general contractor (GC), it’s not always easy to know who the best company will be for your project. Two simple ways to find a general contractor are to ask your network contacts for referrals and ask contractors themselves for references. Nothing will bring a working relationship into focus than to have it told by a previous customer. You’ll know what that general contractors strengths are and perhaps you’re network will even tell you who to avoid based on their previous bad experience.

What to Look for When Hiring a General Contractor

If your network fails to uncover a suitable general contractor, here are some tips to know what to look for when hiring a GC.

Communication is a Must

Hiring a good contractor that practices effective communication will help your renovation project have minimal problems and maximum project transparency from start to finish.

The Details

Additionally, your general contractor should be a good record keeper too. Budgets, timelines, vendors and contractors should all be documented and kept up to date as the renovation progresses.

Get it in Writing

Be sure when selecting a General Contractor to get all of the “promises” in writing. Verbal agreements only leave room for miscommunication, ambiguity, and error. When the renovation job is clearly detailed in writing, it can be referenced in the future. And, while we’re discussing this, be sure that both parties sign the written agreement, and that both parties have copies of that agreement.

Moving Forward

Once you’ve selected your ideal general contractor, his or her job will be to keep you informed about your renovation by updating you on project requirements, providing appropriate documents, and keeping you informed of changes, asking for your permission before changes are made and keep your project on schedule. Doing so should help you avoid renovation aggravation.

No Commercial Job Too Big or Too Small for AFS GC

Implementing solutions for projects of all sizes, AFS General Contracting offers a wide range of services. Whether you’re looking to renovate, repair, build-out or construct a new building, AFS GC is the only contractor you need to know. Contact us today at 407-487-4546 or visit our website at https://afsgeneralcontracting.com.

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